"​Throw down your weapons and adopt humanity" – Abdul Sattar Edhi

Can Pakistan protect its citizens against Ebola?

The world is facing the biggest and most complex Ebola outbreak in history.  While global efforts are being made to end the current outbreak in Africa, it is essential that Pakistan takes all possible measures to protect its citizens from... Continue Reading →

Can the police and bureaucracy be reformed?

Forty two  persons lost their lives on the beaches of Karachi on 30 July 2014. There were no warning signs, no barriers, no life guards and no police to stop them from swimming in life-threatening waters.  A back-dated (28th July) ... Continue Reading →

Can vehicle management be reformed ?

While the Sindh Excise and Taxation (E&T) department  might still be struggling to figure out an efficient mode of yearly road tax collection, it must not be denied the credit for having taken an important step forward to improve its... Continue Reading →

To the Minister for Excise & Taxation

  This refers to a Government of Sindh  advertisement that appeared in the newspapers on 20th July 2014.    It is not clear as to why  the ‘ad’  chooses  to  threaten  the citizens of punitive action if they failed to pay... Continue Reading →

The collector’s wife

Almost like the military and the naval aides-de-camp, the two men, one in brown and the other in white uniform escorted this smartly dressed lady, as she made her royal arrival into the departure lounge of the Jinnah Airport.  The... Continue Reading →

Well done Punjab Information Commission

Unnoticed by most Pakistanis, an absolutely brilliant and outstanding event took place on Friday, 24th October 2014.  In a system often described as dysfunctional and dilapidated, something actually began to deliver.    In a bold and long awaited move,  the Punjab... Continue Reading →

Back to basics

The Blasphemy law was introduced in 1860 by the British Government.  It prohibited damaging or defiling a place of worship or a sacred object.  Violators could receive imprisonment up to two years, or fine or both.  Sixty seven years later,... Continue Reading →

Last bird in the sky

A society must cater to the needs and protection of those  who stand at the end of the queue  - the weakest, the poorest and the most vulnerable.  In the kingdom of birds, the Houbara Bustard, taxonomically classified as ‘chlamydotis... Continue Reading →

Lean bureaucracy

  A visit to a Sindh government  department  at 11 am on a working day this week gave a glimpse of why Pakistan finds it impossible to make progress. A dysfunctional  bureaucracy with its outdated processes and attitudes has kept... Continue Reading →

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