A previous reference to Ayesha Mumtaz being deputed as the Head of Sindh Police for 2 years, was only intended as a metaphor to suggest how one honest and competent individual can transform an entire department.  Between the lines, it was also hoped that it would inspire the Sindh Police to get on with becoming a professional and non-political organization.  It so appears that the Sindh Police has no such intentions and is happy to take a back seat, become increasingly irrelevant and let the Rangers do the dirty job on its behalf.

Karachi is once again a city where one feels lucky to be alive every time an intersection or a traffic light has been negotiated.   Its citizens continue to live in fear, as they move from one death trap to another, awaiting their turn for the next bullet.  Karachi could have been de-mugged a long time back. It still can be – with some basic common sense and commitment.

‘Get the Mugger’ concept is absolutely simple.  Begin by identifying 10-20 most ‘mugged’ intersections.  Install cameras to cover these intersections.  Place 2 policemen, with stun guns at each of these intersections in a manner that they have a full view of the location. The surveillance cameras at each intersection are closely monitored from a central control room. As soon as a mugging is observed, the control room informs the police on duty (if it has not already detected the crime) to use stun guns to disable and arrest the culprits.  The nearby police mobiles are simultaneously informed to reach the scene of mugging.  The camera evidence should be enough to prosecute the culprit, who should be brought to justice in a matter of days and not years.

The cameras could be discreetly and randomly relocated on other potential mugging sites so that the muggers are never sure of what location is being actively monitored.    The city police could easily put an end to all muggings, if only they were to stop behaving like the personal servants of the politicians and serve the people who pay for their salaries.