"​Throw down your weapons and adopt humanity" – Abdul Sattar Edhi

‘Bhuladia’ Factory Fire – What really failed?

  ‘Bhuladia’ is not the name of a factory.   It is  a sickness  of the ruling class.  Somewhat different from  Alzheimer’s disease, it is more selective  in choosing what must be forgotten  and what must be remembered.  A  ‘Bhuladia’ patient... Continue Reading →

Crime and fake number plates

  Imagine a country  where  ‘Jaali’  degrees, bogus  votes,  fake vehicle number plates,  forged  property documents,   fraudulent licenses,  ghost schools,  fictitious  teachers,  quack  practitioners,  and  spurious  medicines , to name a few,  are not just the norm but also accepted ... Continue Reading →

Deweaponisation – myths and realities

  The recent  ‘deweaponisation’  ads  by the Sindh government provide a classic case study of how one could ‘appear’ to be executing a task, without actually wanting to or intending to do so.    Spread over 12 days, these quarter page... Continue Reading →

ECP – a case of acquired helplessness

  For any system to survive, it must fulfill at least two minimum requirements. Meet the needs of its customers and have the capacity to improve itself. The first requirement relates to the primary function and purpose of an organization... Continue Reading →

ECP – Define or be Defined

    The one thing that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)  does not believe in is  the famous saying of Thomas Szasz.  “In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten. In the human kingdom, define or... Continue Reading →

Deweaponise the Parliament

  Bleeding from a thousand small wounds, the state in Pakistan appears to be receding, relinquishing and disappearing at a very rapid pace.    Instead of adopting a pre-emptive and proactive approach, it has been forced by the militants to retreat... Continue Reading →

Privilege on plate

  They  can be seen  arrogantly wearing  their power, wealth and position on their sleeves.  You can easily spot them not standing in a queue, breaking the traffic light, not willing to be searched,  demanding  fast track treatment at airport... Continue Reading →

Reluctance to say farewell to arms

  With each bomb blast, each massacre and each killing, Pakistan as a state fails one more time.  How many innocent citizens need to be slaughtered or blown apart by militants before our delusion gives way to reality.   Pakistan stubbornly... Continue Reading →

Vehicles, Weapons and Violence

  On 2nd March 2013, a  botched up kidnapping attempt took place at an upbeat shopping mall in Karachi. The crime was committed by the son of an influential person with a licensed weapon using a vehicle with a fake... Continue Reading →

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